Thursday, May 10, 2012

In A Day

1. Woke up on time
2. Showered
3. Got kids off to school with their teeth brushed.
4. Ate breakfast with Sam while watching cartoons.
5. Started cleaning the kitchen
5a. Watered the Peas at the Stake Garden
6. Cleaned Amy's home for 2 hours
7. Had lunch
8. Finished cleaning the kitchen
9. Emptied out some cupboards in the hallway that were used for housing board games
10. Put in the newly cleaned cupboards a few of the kitchen essentials.
11. Organized snack drawer and vacuumed out the crumbs and whatever else that was.
12. Made room in another cupboard so that we can store more food in the kitchen.
13. Threw away old nasty cleaning cloths.
14. Gave away the acrylic yarn to the thrift store.
15. Cleaned the front room, dining room, and then the bathrooms when the kids came home from school (it helps them enjoy school more)
16. Painted a book shelf bright blue with the help of Eme and Sam.
17. Sanded and cleaned the newly installed kitchen screen door that Mr. Jewels found on the street. I love free and it is perfect.
17a. Vacuumed the stairs
18. Prepared dinner and ate dinner
19. Finished knitting the scarf for Linda (ONE of my mother-in-laws)(mom's day gift)(yes I know it is summer, but she is always cold)
20. Started sweeping the back porch
21. Took the girlfriends home
22. Had prayer and put the kids to bed
23. Ran one and a half miles with Cindy
24. Talked with Tom, Joe, Mr. Jewels and Cindy about the goings on at the school
25. Finished watching Sherlock
26. Went to bed
 It was a wonderful day.


TRIBE'S said...

I love this! And can I just say WOW you get a lot done in a day!

We in Minnesota said...

I'm exhausted for you.