Friday, May 4, 2012

The Best of Me

Well, to start off I just need to say that I'm not the stay at home mom I was dreaming of becoming and I didn't realize it until a week ago when a friend of mine said to me "so, you've always worked". I will never be the mom next door who is home every day of the week with her children playing in the yard, or the mom who always gets to walk their kids to and from school, or the mom who sews cute outfits or finds the latest fashions for their kids, or the mom who spends time at the school volunteering in the classroom, or the mom who gets to take their child to the library for story time, or on long walks or runs in the nice jogging stroller. I will never be the mom who can crawl out of bed before her children wake up and make them breakfast. But I can be the mom to gather the children for prayer before they run off to school. I can be the mom to make them a nutritious dinner at night and talk about their day around the kitchen table. I can be the mom to show them how to work in the yard and clean the house and get their homework done. I can be the mom to help them get along with each other and their friends. I can be the mom to teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ and help them understand that keeping the commandments is most important. I can be the mom to teach them that marriage can be wonderful, magical, hard work and rewarding. I can be the mom who sacrifices her wants for the needs of the family. I can be the mom who loves their dad. I can be the mom who lets her children grow. I can be the mom who can give the best of me.


Natalie said...

Very well said! I think too often we are down on ourselves for the things that we don't do. Good job and pointing out all the things you CAN do!

mamabyrd said...

That list of things that you do Julie is very admirable. I wish I could add many of those things to my list. But don't cut yourself short Julie--you're kids look adorable all the time. And you're at the school helping out a lot more than most moms. And my child can attest to you being home after school to greet your kids--he's there right along with them eating your snacks and enjoying himself in your front room.

I dare say that you are a supermom. You may work, but I don't think it's taken away from your being the best kind of mom there is.