Friday, November 6, 2009

Merry Halloween!

A little late, but at least I have finally gotten around to it... here are the highlights of our Halloween this year. Jon was himself, he wore a pin that said "I'm ME". Mr. Jewels and I were the Buddy the Elf and his Girlfriend, I always forget her name in the show. Eme was cat girl and Sam, with a bruise still on his chin and new front teeth, a pirate. We spent all of $5.00 on our costumes this year. It was awesome. Have a Merry Halloween. And yes we passed out candy canes and played Christmas music at the Trunk or Treat. Tis the Season!


Amy said...

I am so impressed with your frugality. I always look forward to see your costumes every year.

We in Minnesota said...

Where did all those teeth come from in Sam's mouth?

You look great.

We are still waiting for Spencer to call from the airport to tell us he is here for a Turkey Dinner.

Jeni said...

You and Spence looked awesome. I loved Jon's costume though. He comes up with some pretty original ideas every year.

Steph said...

I guessed Spencer was Buddy the Elf before I even read what you guys were! Yay me lol. The kids look adorable, as always.