Monday, May 18, 2009

Flip Side

On the flip side of dark cold winter months come the bright warm spring and summer months. We are getting ready. The vegetable garden will be a work in progress this year as I am attempting the raised bead square foot gardening. Here is how it looks now with new soil brought in from the green waste site and freshly tilled.

This was the view from my front window a few weeks ago until a hail storm came and destroyed them all. Cruel weather.

These are the artistic works of our middle child for your enjoyment. Complete surprise to me.

Checking out the green grass.


the warrens said...

i'm totally impressed by your garden. better put a gate around it or we'll come by at night and borrow veggies. :)

TRIBE'S said...

I love everything about this time of year especially my garden. Yours looks like it has great potential! I mostly love the pictures Emmy took, they crack me up. The pictures of shoes priceless.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

I love Eme. :-D