Friday, December 19, 2008

Things I Like Looking At

So I'm trying to be "blog trendy" by doing this today. I like what my friend Amy did on her blog about the things she is lovin right now and the ten things I'm lovin done on the SouleMama blog. I would like to do what I'm lovin to look at right now. These are my top favorite Holiday decorations this year. These are what get me in the mood for Christmas.

1.This is a little ornament that I like to hang on my window in the dining room.

2. These are some magnets that my sister-in-law made that I put on my stove. The middle one says Joy and the other two are of snowflakes. They are so cute.

3.This is the Department 56 Christmas Village that I got when I was working. They would give one every Christmas, I worked there long enough to receive 5. (Picture courtesy of Mr. Jewels.)

4. This is a new addition this year. It proudly adorns my frigde. Done by the artist known as Eme.

5. This is our backdoor decoration. I made this from the left over tree branches. So easy. This picture does not do it justice. I gotta learn to take better pictures.

6. Hallway Decorations. Got the idea from Martha Stewart.

7. Christmas photo 2008. Spearmint kids and Candy Cane Sam. And just as sweet.

8. My favorite Manger Scenes. The rock one was done by Jon in 2003. I just love it.


Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Oh, Jewels, I love it all. I'm going to have to take a close-up look at your back door. Maybe I'll sneak up to your house soon and show you the stuff I made for my sisters for Christmas. I'm so proud of my newfound stamping abilities.

That pic of your kids is priceless. I can't wait to show it to Nina. :-)

Amy said...

I'm so glad I could inspire you. ha ha love the pictures.

We in Minnesota said...

Just wonderful. Love the Rock Manger Scene.

Jeni said...

I love the decoraton you made for your back door and in the hallway. I guess I'm going to be making a visit to your house soon for some inspiration.