Monday, November 4, 2013

the "if only's"

       Looking back on the last few years of life I find I have a lot of 'if only'.  If only I had saved more money, if only I had spent more time taking the kids out, if only I had spent more time visiting family and friends, if only I had spent more time reading, studying, learning, exercising, being happy, if only I could predict the future, if only if only if only.  It could almost make you go crazy thinking and really regretting all the if only's.
         I didn't want to see the season change to fall, my summer wasn't complete and wasn't what I wanted it to be, again, if only I had enjoyed my summer.  Disappointment, stress and depression totally got in the way and I didn't feel like doing anything at all.  I am feeling much better now and have made the decision to be happy with the changing of the seasons, and the changing that life will most certainly bring, cause really, change can be a beautiful thing.  I won't focus on the negative that the "if only's" bring but take them to make the future just a whole lot better.      
        One thing I don't regret this summer was taking this little guy on a hike with me, we only went out a few times, but oh boy, they were great.

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