Monday, April 8, 2013

What I found at the fair

The Vintage Whites Fair came to Salt Lake City last month and my love of old stuff enticed me to go.  It was held at the Grand Building at the County Fair, which is a beautiful old big building. This is what I found...some really big blocks and some really little blocks.  My favorite is the question mark one.  My second favorite is the letter M for Mob on it.  Sam has been asking me what mob means so when I found the block I just had to have it.  I found a metal flour bin that goes perfectly with our kitchen, a lamp that lights up the back of the front room and is perfect for helping me see when I knit before bed.  The wall sconce I did not find at the Fair, but was found at the thrift store where I found out about the Fair so I thought it fitting to add it to the collection. And even though the fan print is not old, at least it is a drawing of something that is old.  The print has yet to find it's proper place in the home, but it will get there, eventually.  And since it is raining today, it may have time to do just that, we shall see.

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