Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Before and afters

Last year on Jon's birthday we had a terrible terrible windstorm that knocked out power, tore out trees, sent roofs flying, fences crumbled, tree branches flying.  There was even a tree that was torn in half and landed on a car parked on the street and crushed it.  Luckily no one was inside.  For the most part our home was pretty well protected.  We had some damage to the roof, the front screen door, the awning over that door and our vinyl fence.  So after some negotiating we were able to get those things fixed.  We love the outcome.  The company we hired to do the roof suggested to us metal for the turret.  That way we wouldn't have to replace it again in 30 years.  The finial was taken down and we painted it to match the color of the front door and the metal on the turret, it really makes it stand out.  With the awning we choose black with white trim and we changed the lanterns on the door.
The castle or otherwise known as the "witch's house" before the roof redo.
And here are the afters.

The finished castle


mamabyrd said...

It looks so good Julie. I suppose the witch has magically been transformed into a princess in her new turret.

Amy said...

It looks amazing Julie! I'm so happy for you that it is done.

the warrens said...

It looks fabulous!

Talia Jensen said...

oh lala! its looking good. i guess i need to check it out in the day light :)