Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Six and Counting

I have found a pure love of knitting. My sister does it, my friends and neighbors do it. I've done a lot of washcloths, but the next step for me where knitting is concerned was, socks. Since Christmas I have knitted 3 pairs of socks and started work on a pair for my daughter that I'm trying to get done by the time her birthday rolls around next month. So mind you, some things have been neglected around the house, particularly the laundry. I think every one of our shirts that finally makes it to the closet are hanging there wrinkled. Thank goodness for Suit Coats and forgiving friends.

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We in Minnesota said...

Love them. You keep knitting and ignoring other things. It is okay. Just don't ignore a child that is very silent or very screamy. Kelly had a great time visiting with you all when he was in Utah. Miss you. Hope all is going well with life.