Saturday, August 21, 2010


What a wonderful concert he puts on, this Mr. Jack Johnson. It was amazing. I hadn't been to a concert for a long time and Mr. Jewels had NEVER been to a concert, so it was a special treat for me to be the one to bring him to his first concert. We met up with some friends of ours, who have a huge blanket to sit on. While we waited for the bands to come out the men played with their phones and the women talked about life. The funnest thing was watching all the other concert goers getting more relaxed with their alcohol and the wonderful dancing they did, plus all the picture taking they did, I bet they have twenty pictures of the same friends doing the same thing. Plus, we haven't stopped listening to Jack Johnson since the concert.


Penny said...

My daughter told me once that she was going to marry which ever of her suitors sang a Jack Johnson song to her! I don't think it happened that way, but it turned out she did marry a songwriter who wrote and sang songs for her. There is just something about music.

Amy said...

I had an awesome birthday hanging out with you guys at the concert!!!
Good memories, come to think of it with all the picture taking going on in front of us, we didn't take a single pic. ha ha oh well.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

How fun! Sounds like you had such a good time. I laughed at the men playing with their phones and women talking, thing. So funny!

Awesome music!!