Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I found this post at a yard sale, the only one I've been to so far this summer. It has found a home in the dining room. I did buy another smaller post and its home is outside with the potted flowers. This one is in better shape so I felt it deserved a place in the home, away from the elements. This post helped me get the umph I need to finish decorating the walls in the dining room. It is now complete and I love it. I do want to change the sideboard table but that will come in it's own due time, ie...when I have the money for a new one.

And here is a status update on the vegetable garden. These pictures were taken on July 1st.
The first pepper brave enough to show itself to the world.

An overall view of the garden.



Amy said...

great find!! And your garden looks beautiful. I hope it produces much produce for you.

We in Minnesota said...

Love the post. Everyone needs something really weird...er...I mean different in their home. I have a whole home full of weird. Your gard is wonderful. We have rabbits that like to bite the heads off flowers and nibble at our plants. So cute....but Kelly has taken a shot at one of them with his bb gun.

Jeni said...

Your garden looks beautiful. You must be so thrilled with how well it's doing.
The post is really cool.