Monday, June 15, 2009

Steel and Birthday

Eleven Years. On June 11th we celebrated eleven years of marriage. The traditional gift for this year is steel. Even though last year we decided to skip getting each other a gift to go with the year, this year without knowing it got each other something made of steel...a pullup bar and a garden pot. I received the garden pot, just in case you were wondering.

We also celebrated Eme's birthday on June 13th. She drew a picture of what she wanted her cake to look like, a pink Christmas Tree with a blue sky and green grass. We got pretty darn close. I love having her as part of our family. She is such a delight.


Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Happy Anniversary and birthday to Eme! Busy month. Mark and I celebrate our anniversary tomorrow. 20 years!

See you on Sunday, if not sooner!

TRIBE'S said...

What a fun time for you! I just love Eme, her cake cracks me up. Happy Anniversary!!

the warrens said...

love the cake! how cute. why aren't you guys smiling in your wedding picture though?

We in Minnesota said...

Love that picture Kelly took of you and Spencer. It totally says it all.
Love you all
Happy Birthday Eme!!!

Jeni said...

Happy Anniversary!
Happy Birthday Eme. Her cake is so fun. What a great Mom that you let her decide what it should look like.