Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I love laughter that comes from the very center of little bodies. It's amazing what they find funny. Enjoy.


TRIBE'S said...

That was so fun, you just made my day!! I love little ones and how easy they are to please.

Amy said...

it has been fun watching sam turn into a little boy He's not much of a baby anymore. He has the cutest little personality.
It's also great when all your kids get along. Its one of the things I enjoy the most about being a mom.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Oh Julie, that's awesome. I smiled the whole way through! What would be great is to have a camera on the other side of the door, too! I'd love to see Eme's laughing face during all of that.

Isn't it amazing, the things they laugh at? Can you imagine how funny to a little guy that things just come flying from under the door!

Good stuff. Makes you wonder how they thought to do it in the first place!

Jeni said...

I think I watched this video 5 times. Each time I laughed even more. It made me miss when my kids were still little. There's nothing sweeter then the laughter of kids. It seems to make life just a little bit brighter.