Monday, February 16, 2009


I found an old CD of mine and put it into the stereo to listen to the other day. Why is it that songs can bring us back to what we were doing when that song was playing? I remembered driving to my sister's home to pick up my son after work and feeling the sun shining down through the window on my black Pathfinder and having a very pregnant belly. Little Eme. I even remember the maternity clothes I wore and the winding street that I was on. The songs being played at the time made me daydream about how our lives would be in the near future. I felt a lot of changes coming. Mr. Jewels was finishing school, looking for a job and feeling that we were ready to buy a home and I was nervous to become a stay-at-home mother. I happily anticipated the life I wanted for myself and my family. I wanted our lives to feel like how the songs made me feel. After listening to the songs the other day, I actually feel like our lives reflect the feeling in those songs. I think I will be listening to those songs a little more often now, just to show me how far we've come.


Amy said...

I can so relate... I have songs with very good memories attached, and some I can't even listen to because of the bad memories.
Your post was very well written.
What a sense of peace you must feel having no regrets as to building the life you want.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

Jewels, that was beautiful. I echo Amy- how wonderful to see things come to fruition.

I also agree, Amy- some songs are wonderful, others make you cringe because of the memories attached.

Isn't it also funny how you never really forget the words? Even if you haven't heard the song for years?

We in Minnesota said...

Julie, you never looked or acted nervous. That time seems so far away, yet so close. You are amazing and you never show fear. You may feel it, but never have I seen you scared. Not even when Jon's head was the size of a tennis ball. You and Spence just seemed to know what to do.

Thank you for the memory of Vine Street...the winding street.

Steph said...

I do that too... listen to old songs and look at how far I've come, and imagine how far I will go... it's so amazing.

TRIBE'S said...

Julie I always love your insight on things, it always makes me think. I do love how music can bring back so many memories. You are wonderful and I have to say I'm glad you chose to buy a home where you did.