Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lessons Learned

2008 was a year of lessons for me to learn. Lessons with an S at the end.
Lesson one: Learning to cope with a child in the hospital.
Lesson two: Having to say goodbye to a favorite car.
Lesson three: I can't always help everyone with everything.
Lesson four: Real Estate can be a very ugly game to play.
Lesson five: Difficult times can mean blessings later down the road.
Lesson six: Really loving being a wife and mom.
Lesson seven: Appreciating good health and happiness for in-laws.
Lesson eight: Courage to call and go visit a very angry lady.
Lesson nine: (still learning) why these lessons were taught all in one year. Maybe I'm a fast learner. Ha!
Lesson ten: The miracle of forgiveness between friends and the love our Heavenly Father has for us.
Lesson eleven: That there were plenty more lessons and there will always be plenty more, just hopefully they won't be the same lessons over and over again.


We in Minnesota said...

They may be the same lessons with a different ending. Or with different people or children or situations.

Nancy Campbell Allen said...

That's a lot to learn in a year. I love your list. :-) You forgot to mention coaching your counselor in which videos to show the primary kids for Easter.